Tomlinson Unveils New and Improved Glenray Kettle

Tomlinson Industries unveils the redesigned Glenray Kettle, making Tomlinson’s #1 soup-warming kettle even more rugged and easier to use for preparing, holding, warming, and serving soups and other hot food specialties. The 10.5 qt (10 liter), 400-watt Glenray Kettle now offers premium features including a seamless, one-piece 304 stainless steel insert, extra-sturdy 304 stainless steel hinge, and powder-coated 304 stainless steel collar for added durability and corrosion resistance.

This kettle also has adjustable temperature control to 205°F (96°C), at-a-glance power-on light and 1-year warranty.

For more information, please contact Tomlinson Industries.  13700 Broadway Ave, Cleveland, OH 44125. Email: Phone: (216)587-3400, ext. 112. Fax: (216)587-0733.  To see the variety of products available, visit our website at

New Improved Glenray Kettle