New Wooden Underliner from Tomlinson Industries

Tomlinson Industries introduces its new wooden underliner for its 10” x 7” oval serving skillets. The new underliners are made of cabinet-grade plywood, feature an improved 18 mm thickness and are stained and sealed on both top and bottom using a food safe sealer and lacquer.

Tomlinson underliners allow cast iron skillets, pans, and more to transition from kitchen to table for a sizzling presentation.  Wooden underliners are sold separately from cast iron pieces.

For more information about Tomlinson’s cast iron products and wooden underliners, please contact Tomlinson Industries, 13700 Broadway Ave, Cleveland, OH 44125. Phone: (216)587-3400, ext. 112. To see the variety of products available, visit our website at

New Underliner from Tomlinson Industries.jpg