Trend Spotting with Tomlinson at the 2017 NRA Show

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show presents an annual opportunity for those in the foodservice industry to gain insight into the trends sweeping foodservice operations.

At the 2017 NRA Show, trends like nitro beverages, multi-functional serveware, and countertop optimization swept the show.   These trends could be observed in the equipment on display, the samples provided by foodservice operators, and the conversations had by industry experts.

FAUCET SPBThe term “nitro beverage” refers to coffees, teas, and other drinks brewed with nitrogen to create a creamy, smooth consistency.  Equipment and beverage manufacturers alike have been quick to hit the ground running with this trend as consumer demand has surged. While some prefer to dispense nitro beverages directly from the keg with a stout faucet, others have utilized Tomlinson’s SPB and ES faucets to dispense nitro-brewed coffees and iced teas from beverage dispensing units.

Multi-functional serveware allows foodservice operators to Thermal Platter with Food.jpgprepare and serve a wide variety of menu items.  Diverse serveware supports menu changes, creative serving presentations, and more to create a truly standout experience for your customers.  Products like Tomlinson’s cast iron and cast aluminum platters can be used to prepare, cook, and serve a wide array of foods.

Small Lid organizer 2017With the continual rise of grab-n-go, operators are seeking new ways to keep countertops organized for quick service to customers.  Countertop optimization not only allows customers to easily find the accessories they’re looking for including lids, straws, and condiments but also frees up valuable countertop space for impulse purchase items.  Tomlinson’s new countertop lid organizer consolidates lids, straws, and other accessories and is available in a large and small design to match any counterspace.

Visit Tomlinson Industries at NRA 2017!

Tomlinson Industries is showcasing its full product line at the 2017 NRA Show at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL!

Stop by booth #6834 from Saturday, May 20th through Monday, May 22nd from 9:30AM-5:00PM or on Tuesday, May 23rd from 9:30AM-3:00PM to learn more about our Foodservice products, Modular Dispensing Systems, and No-Drip faucets and fittings!

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NRA 2017 Product Showcase

The month of May is officially upon us, which means the annual National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show is only weeks away! This year’s show will take place from Saturday, May 20th through Tuesday, May 23rd at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL.

Tomlinson Industries will be displaying the Foodservice, Modular® Dispensing Systems, and No-Drip® Beverage and Liquid Dispensing product lines in booth 6834 at the 2017 NRA Show.  We’ll be showcasing products new and old, including our new countertop lid organizer, cast iron cookware, flight boards and paddles, Fusion® foodservice equipment, and soup kettles.

Small  Lid organizer 2017.jpgTomlinson’s new countertop lid organizer consolidates lids, condiments, and other accessories into an easy to access, orderly display.  This organizer features a stainless steel frame construction and a plastic insert with three rows for lids and a bottom row for condiments. Available in large and small designs to suit various countertop footprints.

Flight boards and paddles from Tomlinson Industries are great flight-board-w-beerfor serving craft beers, wines, desserts, and more!  Tomlinson’s flights are made of heat-resistant, dishwasher-safe Richlite® and are available with 3-, 4-, or 5-ramekin holes.

griddle-with-food-copyOur ever-popular pre-seasoned cast iron cookware seamlessly transitions from kitchen to table with one of our wooden underliners.  Cast iron is known for its high heat-bearing threshold as well as its rustic, timeless look.  Miniature cast iron pieces allow foodservice operators to jump into the communal dining trend with easy-to-share dips, appetizers, entrées, and desserts.

Looking to heat up pizza sales? Fusion Countertop Pizza and Snack Ovens are pizza-door-closedavailable in 3 styles and 2 sizes to accommodate a wide array of foodservice demands.  These 12” and 16” ovens are perfect for small batch sizes, which promotes fresh product, easy customization, and happy customers.  The Premium Pizza Oven features an eye-catching tempered glass door to allow customers to see their pizza, chicken, and other food as it cooks!  Pair any Fusion oven with the Fusion 513FC Pizza and Snack Merchandiser for an instant foodservice program.

Kettle Glenray Black Without Ladle OutlineAn industry staple, Tomlinson soup kettles are available in numerous designs, sizes, and wattages.  The Deluxe Frontier® kettle features a fast 1250-watt heat-up, making it a powerhouse among cooking, holding, heating, and serving kettles. The 800-watt Glenray® Premium kettle allows you to cook, hold, and serve soup and other hot food specialties and is designed for maintenance-free service. The economical 400-watt Glenray® kettle offers warming and holding functionality with the features customers love- adjustable temperature control, stainless steel food insert, and more!

Be sure to stop by both 6834 at the NRA Show to see the full variety of products that Tomlinson Industries offers!