Another NAFEM show is in the books for the Tomlinson team!  This year’s show offered yet another valuable opportunity to connect with customers new and old, introduce our newest products, and get out of the Cleveland winter cold for a few days.

Each NAFEM Show is full of product innovations and discussions about industry trends, and the 2017 Show was no exception to this.  The major trends that emerged at this year’s NAFEM show were diverse cookware, fresh product, and organization.

griddle-with-food-copyDiverse Cookware: more foodservice operations are seeking out cookware that can go from kitchen to table.  Tomlinson’s pre-seasoned cast iron cookware can go straight from the oven to your customers for a sizzling, dynamic presentation.  Cast iron has an extremely high heat threshold; our pieces can withstand temperatures up to 1700°F (927°C)!  Wooden underliners are available for most Tomlinson cast iron pieces.


Are you looking for cookware that works as well for cold foods as it does for hot?  Our cast aluminum platters can be heated to 650°F (343°C) or used to serve chilled foods.  Heat-resistant Bakelite holders are available for most cast aluminum pieces.


Fresh Product: it’s no secret that customers crave fresh product.  With the rise of fast cooked-pizzacasual and grab-n-go concepts, it has become imperative that restaurants, convenience stores, and other foodservice providers have the proper equipment to keep foods fresh, delicious, and appealing to customers.  Tomlinson’s Fusion countertop pizza and snack ovens cook and hold pizzas, single serve entrees, cookies, appetizers, and more.

P513_left_wPizza_500x500.jpgair any Fusion oven with the 513FC pizza and snack merchandiser, which has three heated racks that can hold up to 16” pizzas.  This merchandiser has front and rear doors and is a perfect way to grab your customers’ attention for impulse buys.


Organization: restaurant operators are no stranger to the battle of store footprint.  Simply sf2000-outlineput, you’re looking to make the most of your space and create the best service possible for customers.  Booths at the 2017 NAFEM Show were not much different.  Companies had a limited footprint in which to display their latest products without overwhelming attendees.  As a result, products like Tomlinson’s Modular dispensing systems were widely utilized to get items like cups, napkins, and straws off countertops to put the focus on the equipment manufacturers were showcasing.  Modular dispensers can be used at the front or back-of-house and create organization to streamline customers’ in-store experience.