Lead-Free Water Dispensing Equipment from Tomlinson Industries

High lead levels in the drinking water of schools, public buildings, and other facilities is an ongoing problem that can result in a number of health concerns. Regulations and guidelines are in place across the country to significantly reduce exposure to lead in drinking water. Tomlinson Industries’ Pro-Flo™ water dispensing products feature a fully lead-free brass or stainless steel construction and retrofit most drinking water equipment to provide safe, lead-free water.

Tomlinson’s lead-free water products include:

  • Bubblers for water coolers and fountains. Pro-Flo bubblers contain an easily-replaceable self-contained cartridge regulator.
  • Projector heads for water coolers and fountains. Projector heads have a removable spout with stream director and screen and are available with a set screw for vandal protection. Use with push button cartridge regulators.
  • Self-Contained Cartridges fit all brands of coolers. These cartridges allow trajectory adjustment over a wide range of pressures.
  • Fountain Glass Fillers are lever actuated and are available with 5” (12.7 cm) or 8” (20.3 cm) spout and handle options.
  • Point-of-Use Faucets feature an attractive ergonomic handle that is activated with a light touch to extend product life. Point-of-use faucets can be set for an intermittent or constant flow.

For more information about our lead-free water products, please contact Tomlinson Industries. 13700 Broadway Ave, Cleveland, OH 44125. Email: pfranchino@tomlinsonind.com. Phone: (216)587-3400, ext. 279. Fax: (216)587-0733. To see our complete product line, visit our website at www.tomlinsonind.com.