Choosing the Right Cup Dispenser

Grab-n-go beverages are a profit center for many stores.  While both hot and cold beverages bring high profit margins, you could be undermining your profits without realizing it.

Utilizing the wrong cup dispenser- or worse, skipping the dispenser all together- means your cups are taking up valuable countertop real estate.  Selecting the right dispenser ensures cups are easily accessible for customers while freeing up counter space for impulse purchase items to boost sales. No matter the foodservice operation, Tomlinson Industries’ Modular line of cup dispensers and accessories provides the perfect solution.

Tomlinson’s Simpli-Flex® 2000 self-adjusting cup dispenser utilizes 3 Simpli-Flex gaskets to accommodate cups with a lip diameter of 2-1/4” to 4-5/8”.  Its easy-to-use design and ability to accommodate a wide range of cup sizes has made Simpli-Flex dispensers the industry’s go-to choice. These cup dispensers are available for in-counter/cabinet mounting and under-counter/wall mounting to suit any set-up.

Tomlinson’s Simpli-Size™ cup dispenser is a manually adjustable dispenser that adjusts three fingers simultaneously with a simple turn. This dispenser is perfect for those who prefer a manual dispenser but want the ease-of-use of the Simpli-Flex dispenser. The Simpli-Size is available for in-counter or in-cabinet use and comes in Small/Medium and Medium/Large sizes to accommodate cups with a 3” – 4-3/8” lip diameter.

SF2103 Cabinet in black.jpgSF2100 CABINETS: For those looking to consolidate cup displays with an on-counter option, Tomlinson’s SF2100 Series Cabinets provide a great option. These beige or black painted aluminum cabinets are outfitted with one, two, three, or four Simpli-Flex 2000 self-adjusting cup dispensers.

COMBINATION DISPENSERS: Looking to combine cup cab-disp-1021894blkdispensers with condiments, straws, or lids? Tomlinson’s Combination Dispensers combine the power of our Simpli-Flex cup dispensers with the utility of our accessory dispensers. Our line of combination dispensers features built-in condiment, lid, or straw organizers, while our SF2100 Molded Cabinet boasts an optional condiment and lid organizer to maximize flexibility.

WIRE DISPENSERS: Tomlinson’s 4-tier wire dispenser offers an economical option for Wire Cup Dispenser.jpgthose wishing to consolidate their cup displays. This dispenser easily adjusts with the twist of side springs to accommodate paper, plastic, or foam cups of various sizes.

In addition to cup dispensers, Tomlinson offers a wide range of lid, napkin, straw, condiment, and dairy creamer dispensers that can be cabinet or wall mounted to further optimize your counterspace.  These dispensers are designed to streamline your customers’ in-store experience and boost satisfaction by helping them effortlessly find the items they need.