Tomlinson Baking Sheets: The Secret Weapon for Your Fusion Oven

Since Tomlinson’s acquisition of the Fusion® equipment line in 2010, Fusion pizza and snack ovens have become synonymous with quality, consistency, and speed in the food prep process.  While we’re thrilled our customers have come to trust Fusion ovens in their foodservice operations, we often see that a simple addition to their oven can greatly expand its usage!

The secret weapon? Tomlinson’s baking sheets! Our 12” and 16” baking sheets are Oven with Cookies smalldesigned for use with our 507, 508, and 515 ovens to allow you to cook just about anything.  Each baking sheet is equipped with Whitford® Quantum® high performance non-stick coating which allows a quick, effortless release of baked foods.  The addition of a baking sheet allows operators to cook small and large items in a fraction of the time of conventional ovens.

Below are some perks of baking with the Tomlinson pizza ovens and baking sheets:

Small batch cooking: using a Tomlinson oven with a baking sheet is perfect for trying a new recipe or for baking multiple smaller batches to ensure all of your customers can enjoy the fresh-out-of-the-oven experience. The oven is also a fraction of the size of conventional ovens and uses significantly less energy to keep utility bills down!

Diversifies your menu: while the traditional rack on our pizza ovens is great for pizzas and other large items, it might not work the best for some smaller menu items.  Using a Tomlinson baking sheet instantly converts your pizza oven into a multiuse oven, allowing it to accommodate a wide variety of foods.

Pairs with cookware: baking sheets provide an ideal base for cookware like ramekins and even small muffin tins.  The stability provided by the flat, even surface perfectly supports various cooking pieces and helps disseminate heat evenly.