Choosing the Right Cup Dispenser

Grab-n-go beverages are a profit center for many stores.  While both hot and cold beverages bring high profit margins, you could be undermining your profits without realizing it.

Utilizing the wrong cup dispenser- or worse, skipping the dispenser all together- means your cups are taking up valuable countertop real estate.  Selecting the right dispenser ensures cups are easily accessible for customers while freeing up counter space for impulse purchase items to boost sales. No matter the foodservice operation, Tomlinson Industries’ Modular line of cup dispensers and accessories provides the perfect solution.

Tomlinson’s Simpli-Flex® 2000 self-adjusting cup dispenser utilizes 3 Simpli-Flex gaskets to accommodate cups with a lip diameter of 2-1/4” to 4-5/8”.  Its easy-to-use design and ability to accommodate a wide range of cup sizes has made Simpli-Flex dispensers the industry’s go-to choice. These cup dispensers are available for in-counter/cabinet mounting and under-counter/wall mounting to suit any set-up.

Tomlinson’s Simpli-Size™ cup dispenser is a manually adjustable dispenser that adjusts three fingers simultaneously with a simple turn. This dispenser is perfect for those who prefer a manual dispenser but want the ease-of-use of the Simpli-Flex dispenser. The Simpli-Size is available for in-counter or in-cabinet use and comes in Small/Medium and Medium/Large sizes to accommodate cups with a 3” – 4-3/8” lip diameter.

SF2103 Cabinet in black.jpgSF2100 CABINETS: For those looking to consolidate cup displays with an on-counter option, Tomlinson’s SF2100 Series Cabinets provide a great option. These beige or black painted aluminum cabinets are outfitted with one, two, three, or four Simpli-Flex 2000 self-adjusting cup dispensers.

COMBINATION DISPENSERS: Looking to combine cup cab-disp-1021894blkdispensers with condiments, straws, or lids? Tomlinson’s Combination Dispensers combine the power of our Simpli-Flex cup dispensers with the utility of our accessory dispensers. Our line of combination dispensers features built-in condiment, lid, or straw organizers, while our SF2100 Molded Cabinet boasts an optional condiment and lid organizer to maximize flexibility.

WIRE DISPENSERS: Tomlinson’s 4-tier wire dispenser offers an economical option for Wire Cup Dispenser.jpgthose wishing to consolidate their cup displays. This dispenser easily adjusts with the twist of side springs to accommodate paper, plastic, or foam cups of various sizes.

In addition to cup dispensers, Tomlinson offers a wide range of lid, napkin, straw, condiment, and dairy creamer dispensers that can be cabinet or wall mounted to further optimize your counterspace.  These dispensers are designed to streamline your customers’ in-store experience and boost satisfaction by helping them effortlessly find the items they need.

Countdown to NACS 2016

In a few short weeks, Tomlinson’s product line will be making its way to Atlanta, GA for the 2016 NACS Show.  The NACS show is an annual event where leaders in the convenience store industry converge to showcase the latest and greatest products.  This year’s show will take place from Wednesday, October 19th through Friday, October 21st.

While Tomlinson’s product line offers a wide array of convenience store solutions, our Modular® dispensers, Fusion® pizza ovens, and Glenray® kettles have proven to be industry favorites over the years.

Modular® Dispensing Systems: the key to operating any convenience store is optimizing CAB DISP 1021894BLK.jpgcounter space. Modular® dispensing systems were designed with just that in mind. The Modular® line features an array of cup, napkin, lid, straw, condiment, and ice cream cone dispensers, dispenser accessories, air pot stations, trash chutes, knock chutes and more.  Dispensers are available for in-counter, on-counter, wall, or stand mounting to best accommodate your needs while freeing up counter space for high-profit items!


Close Up Pizza in OvenFusion® Pizza Ovens: Tomlinson’s Fusion® line of pizza ovens features 3 designs to suit a wide array of operations. The Premium oven features a tempered glass door to allow users to see their food as it cooks while the Deluxe oven has a standard metal door. Both the Premium and Deluxe ovens have an adjustable thermostat and 30-minute timer, and are available in 12” (305 mm) and 16” (406 mm) designs. The 507FC oven is a simpler 12” (305 mm) oven with a 15-minute timer, making it a great option for those looking for a small, easy-to-use oven. Add one of Tomlinson’s baking sheets to transform any Fusion oven into a multipurpose oven.

Glenray® Kettles: Glenray® Premium and Glenray® kettles provide the perfect holding,Glenray Kettles_HiRes.jpg warming, reheating, and serving solution for soup and other hot food specialties. The 800-watt Glenray Premium is double the wattage of the 400-Watt Glenray kettle, which also allows it to be used as a cooking kettle. These 10.5 qt (9.9 L) kettles feature adjustable temperature control, are designed for maintenance-free service, and are NSF-listed for rethermalization.

Be sure to stop by Tomlinson’s booth #6216 at the NACS show! We’ll see you there!


Cast Iron Maintenance 101

One of the biggest trends in residential cookware this year is cast iron. While cast iron is no stranger to the commercial kitchen, more and more consumers are actively seeking out cast iron cookware for both their restaurant entrees and their residential cooking Cast Iron Square with Food Aneeds.  With countless benefits including a high heat threshold (1,700°F/927°C) and cook-and-serve capability, it’s no wonder cast iron has come to power as a cookware staple.

Although our customers love their Tomlinson preseasoned cast iron cookware, there is one
question we hear a lot: how do you clean this stuff?!  Cast iron maintenance consists of 3 steps: cleaning, reseasoning, and storage.  Each of these steps ensures you’re prolonging the life of your Tomlinson cast iron.

In this post, we’ll walk through each of the cast iron maintenance steps.

Group Tomlinson Packaging.jpg

1. Cleaning: while plates and silverware can be cleaned in a dishwasher, cast iron requires handwashing. When cast iron is still warm, wash by hand using hot water and a stiff dish brush. Use coarse salt and water to remove residue that won’t scrub away with water alone. Once you’ve finished cleaning, dry thoroughly with a towel to remove excess water.  Failure to completely dry cast iron will lead to accelerated rusting.

Note: do not soak or leave cast iron in the sink, as this can lead to rusting. Steer clear of dishwashers and soaps, which strip the seasoning off of cast iron.

2. Reseasoning: Tomlinson’s cast iron is preseasoned, but long-term use and cleaning may require the cast iron to be reseasoned. First, clean cast iron using the instructions in Step 1.  Next, apply a light coating of melted shortening to the inside and outside of your cookware. You’ll then place the cast iron upside down in a 350°F (177°C) oven for an hour, placing a cookie sheet beneath to catch any drippings.  Allow the cast iron to cool in the oven, and remove for storage once cool.

If your cast iron cookware is rusting, discoloring food, or imbuing food with a metallic taste, it’s time to reseason.  Regularly reseasoning your cookware is a great way to prolong the life of cast iron and ensure you’re getting the most out of your cast iron cookware.

3. Storage: because cast iron is susceptible to rusting, make sure you’re storing it in a dry place. Dry cast iron completely before storing- never store cast iron wet or partially wet.  Do not use cast iron as a storage device, as this will shorten the life of your cast iron.


Tomlinson Baking Sheets: The Secret Weapon for Your Fusion Oven

Since Tomlinson’s acquisition of the Fusion® equipment line in 2010, Fusion pizza and snack ovens have become synonymous with quality, consistency, and speed in the food prep process.  While we’re thrilled our customers have come to trust Fusion ovens in their foodservice operations, we often see that a simple addition to their oven can greatly expand its usage!

The secret weapon? Tomlinson’s baking sheets! Our 12” and 16” baking sheets are Oven with Cookies smalldesigned for use with our 507, 508, and 515 ovens to allow you to cook just about anything.  Each baking sheet is equipped with Whitford® Quantum® high performance non-stick coating which allows a quick, effortless release of baked foods.  The addition of a baking sheet allows operators to cook small and large items in a fraction of the time of conventional ovens.

Below are some perks of baking with the Tomlinson pizza ovens and baking sheets:

Small batch cooking: using a Tomlinson oven with a baking sheet is perfect for trying a new recipe or for baking multiple smaller batches to ensure all of your customers can enjoy the fresh-out-of-the-oven experience. The oven is also a fraction of the size of conventional ovens and uses significantly less energy to keep utility bills down!

Diversifies your menu: while the traditional rack on our pizza ovens is great for pizzas and other large items, it might not work the best for some smaller menu items.  Using a Tomlinson baking sheet instantly converts your pizza oven into a multiuse oven, allowing it to accommodate a wide variety of foods.

Pairs with cookware: baking sheets provide an ideal base for cookware like ramekins and even small muffin tins.  The stability provided by the flat, even surface perfectly supports various cooking pieces and helps disseminate heat evenly.

The Beginner’s Guide to Tomlinson’s Soup Kettles

For children and adults alike, August can be a bittersweet time of year. The impending school year for children and Labor Day weekend for adults signify the official end of carefree summer days spent soaking up the sun.  While it may seem eons away, the days will soon grow colder and shorter, the leaves will begin to fall, and consumers will abandon the fresh fruit of summer for warmer, more comforting fare like soups and other hot food items.

As we all squeeze our remaining summer bucket lists into the next few weeks, foodservice operators have one more crucial item to add to the agenda: inspecting and replacing equipment before autumn food trends are in full swing.  Although selecting the right soup cooking and/or holding equipment can be difficult, we’re hoping to make it a little easier this year by comparing the Tomlinson line of kettles in order to help our customers choose the equipment to best support their foodservice operation.

1. The Deluxe Frontier: for decades, Tomlinson’s Deluxe Frontier kettle has provenDeluxe its status as a foodservice powerhouse. With 1250-watt fast heat-up and a durable powder-coated shell, the Deluxe Frontier kettle cooks, heats, holds, and warms soups to offer unparalleled versatility. Choose from an 8- or 12- qt. (7.6- or 11.4 liter) stainless steel food insert to best accommodate your menu and a black, red, or brown kettle to match your décor. The Deluxe Frontier also features adjustable temperature control, an indicator light, product cards, and a hinged lid, is NSF-listed for rethermalization, and has a 2-year warranty.

2. The Glenray Premium: the Glenray Premium kettle is Tomlinson’s economy alternative to the Deluxe Frontier. This 800-watt ke800 watt Kettle Glenray Black_redttle has a 10.5 qt. (9.9 liter) stainless steel food insert with hinged lid, ladle, and product cards, is NSF-listed for rethermalization, and comes with a 1-year warranty. Available in a black powder-coated or stainless steel shell, the Glenray Premium cooks, heats, holds, and serves soups and other hot food specialties.

3. The Glenray: Tomlinson’s Glenray kettle is the 400-watt alternative to the Kettle Glenray Black Without Ladle OutlineGlenray Premium kettle. Like the Glenray Premium, the Glenray has a 10.5 (9.9 liter) stainless steel food insert, hinged lid, ladle, and product cards, and is available with a black powder-coated or stainless steel shell. This kettle is NSF-listed for rethermalization, is great for warming and holding soups, and comes with a 1-year warranty.

4. The Frontier II: similar to the Glenray kettle, the Frontier II kettleFrontier II is a soup warming and holding kettle that is NSF-listed for rethermalization. The Frontier II is available with an 8- or 12-qt. (7.6- or 11.4 liter) stainless steel food insert and features 650-watt fast heat-up and a 2-year warranty.  Like our other kettles, the Frontier II features adjustable temperature control and hinged lid, and ships with product cards.

5.The Dual Food Warmer: Tomlinson’s Dual Food Warmer features the same internal components that make our other kettles standout units butdual food warmer with double the capacity! The warmer has two 550-watt heating elements with individual temperature controls, hinged lids, transport collars, and 8- or 12-qt. (7.6- or 11.4 liter) stainless steel food inserts. It comes in a stainless steel finish, is perfect for warming and holding various hot food specialties, and has a 2-year warranty. The 8-qt. unit is NSF listed for rethermalization.