Reliable, Convenient Cone Dispensing with Tomlinson’s Simpli-Flex® Ice Cream Cone Dispenser

ICE CREAM DISPTomlinson’s Simpli-Flex® Ice Cream Cone Dispenser organizes and dispenses cake cones, waffle cones, sugar cones, and more! These NSF-listed dispensers are self-adjusting to accommodate cones with a 1-3/8” (3.5 cm) to 3-3/8” (8.6 cm) lip diameter and hold cones snugly without damaging them.

Tomlinson’s ice cream cone dispensers are available in polished stainless steel and gray-tinted plastic.  Mounting options include wall, stand, in-counter or under-counter.  Dispensers are available with accessory options including popular Z-stands and countertop rotary stands. Accessories sold separately.

If you have any questions, please contact Tomlinson Industries. 13700 Broadway Ave, Cleveland, OH 44125. P: (216)587-3400, ext. 112. F: (216)587-0733.  Visit our website at to see the variety of products available.

Joining the Small Plate Trend

The small plate trend is sweeping the foodservice industry and shows no signs of stopping!  Whether you’re serving dips, appetizers, or desserts, small plate service allows customers to sample and share various menu items, resulting in a memorable dining experience for them and a higher profit margin for restaurant operators.

Tomlinson’s flight boards and paddles, mini cast iron cookware, and Simpli-Flex 2000 sample cup dispenser each support the small plate trend in various unique ways.

Flight Boards and Paddles

flight-board-w-beerTomlinson flight boards and paddles are perfect for sampling and serving craft beers, wines, liquors, desserts and much more!  These servers allow customers to sample multiple menu items with a creative presentation.

Made of NSF-approved Richlite, Tomlinson’s flight boards and paddles are heat-resistant to 200°F (93°C), water and stain-resistant, and dishwasher safe.  Flight boards and paddles are available with 3, 4, or 5-hole designs, and custom sizes are available.

Mini Cast Iron Pieces

Miniature cast iron pieces are perhaps the most versatile kitchen-to-table option in theLarge 3 squares food.jpg foodservice industry.  Not only are these pieces particularly trendy in residential kitchens, but they are also wildly popular in full service restaurants and other foodservice operations.   These diverse pieces are perfect for dips, appetizers, desserts, and just about anything else!

Tomlinson’s mini cast iron pieces are available in an array of styles, and wooden underliners are available for most pieces.

Simpli-Flex 2000 Portion Cup Dispenser

SFP2000 While flight boards, flight paddles, and miniature cast iron cookware work wonderfully in full service restaurants, it can be challenging to find ways for customers to sample selections in a fast casual setting.  Tomlinson’s Simpli-Flex 2000 Portion Cup Dispenser can be mounted in-counter/cabinet or under-counter/on the wall, making it a perfect front- or back-of-house sample cup organizer.

Samples allow customers to taste ice creams, frozen yogurts, soups, stews, sauces, beverages, toppings and more to determine the selection they would like to purchase. This simple customer service practice boosts customer satisfaction and creates an interactive in-store experience.

Visit Tomlinson Industries (booth #327) at the 2017 WQA Show!

Tomlinson Industries will be showcasing its No-Drip® and Pro-Flo™ product lines at the 2017 faucet_bluehndlresizedWQA Show in Orlando, Fl!  Stop by booth #327 to see Tomlinson’s water and liquid-dispensing products including our HFS faucets for water coolers, point-of-use bubblers and glass fillers, and our new Polished Nickel RO faucets.

lead-free-fixtures-from-tomlinson-industriesThe WQA Show is open to attendees on Wednesday, March 29th from 10:30AM-5:00PM and on Thursday, March 30th from 10:00AM-5:00PM.

If you have any questions, please stop by booth #327 at the WQA Show or contact Tomlinson Industries. P: (216)587-3400, ext. 221. E: F: (216)587-0733.



Tomlinson Introduces Polished Nickel Finish to Entire RO Faucet Line

Tomlinson Industries is pleased to introduce the new polished nickel finish to its polished-nickel-finish-from-tomlinson-industriesentire RO faucet line! The polished nickel finish was previously only available for the Contemporary and Designer faucets.

Tomlinson’s reverse osmosis faucets feature:

  • Lead-free brass body
  • Smooth operating lever-style handle
  • Patented removable modular air gap
  • Protective spout tip to prevent after-drip
  • High reach neck of approximately 12” that swivels 360°
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI Std. 61 – 9 & 372
  • Available in an array of finishes
  • All mounting hardware is included

Infant Carrier Holder from Tomlinson Industries

Infant Carrier Holder from Tomlinson Industries.jpgTomlinson Industries’ infant carrier holder keeps infant carriers off the floor and closer to table height to create a stress-free dining experience for families.  Tomlinson’s infant carrier holders feature washable webbing, radius edges and corners to keep food from collecting, and are foldable for easy storage.  Available in walnut and natural finishes.

Infant carrier holders are also available with security netting to provide additional peace of mind to your customers.

For more information, please contact Tomlinson Industries.  13700 Broadway Ave, Cleveland, OH 44125. Email: Phone: (216)587-3400, ext. 112. Fax: (216)587-0733.  To see the variety of products available, visit our website at


Another NAFEM show is in the books for the Tomlinson team!  This year’s show offered yet another valuable opportunity to connect with customers new and old, introduce our newest products, and get out of the Cleveland winter cold for a few days.

Each NAFEM Show is full of product innovations and discussions about industry trends, and the 2017 Show was no exception to this.  The major trends that emerged at this year’s NAFEM show were diverse cookware, fresh product, and organization.

griddle-with-food-copyDiverse Cookware: more foodservice operations are seeking out cookware that can go from kitchen to table.  Tomlinson’s pre-seasoned cast iron cookware can go straight from the oven to your customers for a sizzling, dynamic presentation.  Cast iron has an extremely high heat threshold; our pieces can withstand temperatures up to 1700°F (927°C)!  Wooden underliners are available for most Tomlinson cast iron pieces.


Are you looking for cookware that works as well for cold foods as it does for hot?  Our cast aluminum platters can be heated to 650°F (343°C) or used to serve chilled foods.  Heat-resistant Bakelite holders are available for most cast aluminum pieces.


Fresh Product: it’s no secret that customers crave fresh product.  With the rise of fast cooked-pizzacasual and grab-n-go concepts, it has become imperative that restaurants, convenience stores, and other foodservice providers have the proper equipment to keep foods fresh, delicious, and appealing to customers.  Tomlinson’s Fusion countertop pizza and snack ovens cook and hold pizzas, single serve entrees, cookies, appetizers, and more.

P513_left_wPizza_500x500.jpgair any Fusion oven with the 513FC pizza and snack merchandiser, which has three heated racks that can hold up to 16” pizzas.  This merchandiser has front and rear doors and is a perfect way to grab your customers’ attention for impulse buys.


Organization: restaurant operators are no stranger to the battle of store footprint.  Simply sf2000-outlineput, you’re looking to make the most of your space and create the best service possible for customers.  Booths at the 2017 NAFEM Show were not much different.  Companies had a limited footprint in which to display their latest products without overwhelming attendees.  As a result, products like Tomlinson’s Modular dispensing systems were widely utilized to get items like cups, napkins, and straws off countertops to put the focus on the equipment manufacturers were showcasing.  Modular dispensers can be used at the front or back-of-house and create organization to streamline customers’ in-store experience.

New Polished Nickel Designer and Contemporary Faucets

Tomlinson Industries’ Designer and Contemporary reverse osmosis faucets are now Polished Nickel Finish from Tomlinson Industries.jpegavailable in a polished nickel finish.  Tomlinson’s polished nickel finish blends the elegant warm-tone of nickel with the luster of a polished finish for an eye-catching result.

Tomlinson’s reverse osmosis faucets feature:

  • Lead-free brass body
  • Smooth operating lever-style handle
  • Patented removable modular air gap
  • Protective spout tip to prevent after-drip
  • High reach neck of approximately 12” that swivels 360°
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI Std. 61 – 9 & 372
  • Available in an array of finishes
  • All mounting hardware is included

For more information, please contact Tomlinson Industries, 13700 Broadway Ave, Cleveland, OH 44125. Email: Phone: (216)587-3400, ext. 279. To see the variety of products available, visit our website at

NAFEM ’17 Product Showcase

Every few years, the foodservice equipment manufacturing world comes together for the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers’ (NAFEM) biannual show.  For industry members, the NAFEM Show represents a vital opportunity to discuss industry trends and concerns, connect with fellow manufacturers, and showcase the products that have revolutionized the foodservice world.

The 2017 NAFEM Show will take place at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL from February 9th– February 11th, and Tomlinson Industries will be featuring its full product line at booth #1700.

Cast Iron Cookware: With a range of products from mini pieces to jumCopyright Keith Berr Productions, Inc. 1420 East 31st Street Cleveland Ohio 44114 216.566.7950 All Rights Reservedbo platters, fajita

platters to grill pans, Tomlinson’s extensive cast iron cookware line brings versatile, eye-catching utility to any foodservice operation.  Tomlinson cast iron is preseasoned, and most pieces are available with wooden underliners to allow cookware to seamlessly transition from kitchen to table.

Miniature cast iron pieces are perfect for the small plate or for communal dining to make sharing easier than ever and to encourage customers to sample multiple menu items.  Great for dips, desserts, appetizers, and more!

Flight Boards and Skateboard Servers: Create functional, eye-catching presentations
Flight Board w desserts.jpgwith Tomlinson’s flight boards, paddles, and skateboard servers. Flight paddles and boards are great for sampling and serving beer, wine, liquors, desserts, and more.  These paddles are stain and water-resistant and are dishwasher safe.  Skateboard servers facilitate elegant, simple food presentations- great for antipasto, cheese samplings, and artisan breads. Tomlinson’s flight boards, paddles, and skateboard servers are made of NSF-approved Richlite® material, a resin-impregnated paper composite that is heat-resistant indefinitely under heat lamps and can hold pots, fry baskets, and skillets up to 350°F (177°C). Custom sizes available.

Soup Kettles: An industry staple, Tomlinson soup kettles are available in an array of 800 watt Kettle Glenray Black_reddesigns, sizes, and wattages to suit any operation. The Deluxe Frontier® kettle features a fast 1250-watt heat-up, making it a powerhouse among cooking, holding, heating, and serving kettles. The 800-watt Glenray® Premium kettle allows you to cook, hold, and serve soup and other hot food specialties and is designed for maintenance-free service. The economical 400-watt Glenray® kettle offers warming and holding functionality with the features customers love- adjustable temperature control, stainless steel food insert, and more.

Fusion® Pizza & Snack Equipment: Fusion® pizza and pizza-door-closedsnack ovens are available in 3 designs and 2 sizes- 12” (305 mm) and 16” (406 mm)- to accommodate a wide range of foodservice needs. Fusion ovens are specifically designed to bake desired taste and texture into your foods without the space or high energy use required for a conventional oven.  Smaller batch sizes also mean fresh, high quality product for your customers. Pair a Fusion oven with one of Tomlinson’s baking sheets to convert your pizza and snack oven into a multipurpose oven.

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The 513FC Pizza & Snack Merchandiser perfectly complements any Fusion Pizza & Snack Oven to instantly create a food program. The 513FC Merchandiser features front and rear doors, adjustable temperature control, three heated shelves that can hold up to a 16” pizza, and attention-grabbing magnetic graphics.

sf2103-cabinet-in-blackModular Dispensing Systems: Tomlinson’s Modular line of organizational systems consists of cup, lid, straw, ice cream cone, napkin, and condiment dispensers, dispenser accessories, trash chutes, and more.  Dispensers feature a variety of mounting options to work with any countertop footprint and support efficient, organized processes. Our self-adjusting Simpli-Flex® 2000 Cup Dispenser utilizes three Simpli-Flex gaskets to fit cups with a 2-1/4” to 4-5/8” (57-111 mm) lip diameter.

Super Bowl Sunday Snackdown

On Sunday, February 5th, millions of Americans will tune their televisions to the FOX Network for coverage of Super Bowl LI. Whether you’re tuning in to watch your favorite teams go head-to-head, for the halftime performance, or to marvel at the newest advertisements from consumer brand powerhouses, we can all agree on one thing- any Super Bowl party is only as good as its food!

On average, Americans will consume about 1.3 billion chicken wings and 325 gallons of beer on Super Bowl Sunday, and 46% of those tuning in plan to order or serve pizza ( Now is the time to upgrade or replace foodservice equipment to ensure your operation withstands extensive use on this high-demand day. Tomlinson’s Fusion® Pizza & Snack Ovens, 513FC Pizza & Snack Merchandiser, and Richlite® pizza peels, boards, and servers provide the quality and resilience needed to ensure you’re maximizing your profit potential while boosting customer satisfaction.

Cooked Pizza.jpgFusion® Pizza and Snack Ovens conveniently bake all styles of frozen and take-and-bake pizzas, wings, appetizers, snack foods, and more. The tempered glass doors on our Premium ovens allow you to see your food as it bakes, and both our Premium and Deluxe ovens feature adjustable temperature control, a 30-minute timer, ergonomic flip-up handle, and power on light, and are available in 12” and 16” designs.  The 12” 507FC oven offers a 15 minute timer, power on light, and pre-set temperature to maximize ease of use.

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Tomlinson’s 513FC Pizza & Snack Merchandiser keeps prepared foods fresh, 513_left_wpizza_500x500delicious, and easily accessible to your customers. The 513FC Merchandiser features front and rear doors, adjustable temperature control, and three heated shelves with raised racks that can hold up to a 16” pizza. Pair the merchandiser with one of our ovens to revamp your food program and boost impulse purchases.

Our pizza peels, boards, and servers are made of Richlite®, a resin-impregnated Short Handled Pizza Peel.jpg
paper composite that is heat-resistant up to 200°F (93°C) for 30 minutes and indefinitely under heat lamps.  Our Richlite® pizza and snack accessories are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate your foodservice needs and are perfect for serving an array of foods.