Tomlinson Unveils New and Improved Glenray Kettle

Tomlinson Industries unveils the redesigned Glenray Kettle, making Tomlinson’s #1 soup-warming kettle even more rugged and easier to use for preparing, holding, warming, and serving soups and other hot food specialties. The 10.5 qt (10 liter), 400-watt Glenray Kettle now offers premium features including a seamless, one-piece 304 stainless steel insert, extra-sturdy 304 stainless steel hinge, and powder-coated 304 stainless steel collar for added durability and corrosion resistance.

This kettle also has adjustable temperature control to 205°F (96°C), at-a-glance power-on light and 1-year warranty.

For more information, please contact Tomlinson Industries.  13700 Broadway Ave, Cleveland, OH 44125. Email: Phone: (216)587-3400, ext. 112. Fax: (216)587-0733.  To see the variety of products available, visit our website at

New Improved Glenray Kettle

Winning the Battle of Countertop Footprint

It’s a tale as old as time- retailers have an abundance of products to display and never enough space to do it. Too much product on countertops can prove difficult for consumers to sort through while not enough product means retailers are missing a valuable opportunity to boost high-margin impulse purchases.

Displaying product is only half the battle; retailers must account for foodservice equipment and accessories as well. Dominating countertop space with separate on-counter cup, lid, napkin, and condiment dispensers, along with other assorted accessories, significantly limits opportunities to showcase product and ultimately hurts retailers’ bottom line.

Looking to make the most of countertop retail space? Continue reading for some easy solutions.

Multiuse Condiment Dispensers: Instead of using a different dispenser for coffee stirrers,Small Lid organizer 2017 condiments, lids, and other odds-and-ends, retailers can utilize a combination condiment dispenser. Combination organizers not only utilize less countertop space but also make it easier for customers to find the items they need.

Tomlinson’s countertop lid organizer consolidates lids, straws, and other beverage accessories into one display to expedite service at beverage stations. These organizers are available in small and large sizes to suit any countertop.

 In-counter Dispensers: Retailers can forgo countertop dispensers altogether with in-sf2000-outlinecounter dispensers. Mounting cup, napkin, and other dispensers in counters optimizes counter space and allows store operators to display more product on countertops.

The Modular Simpli-Flex® 2000 Cup Dispenser utilizes 3 Simpli-Flex gaskets to accommodate paper, plastic, Styrofoam, and other cups with a lip diameter of 2-1/4” to 4-5/8”. Simpli-Flex dispensers can be mounted in counters or cabinets to maximize countertop footprint.

 Combination Dispensers: For those who prefer on-counter cup dispensers, utilize a combination dispenser. Combination dispensers combine cups,4 hole Cabinet right.jpglids, straws, and other beverage dispensers into one dispenser. While on-counter cup dispensers take up more space, combination dispensers help customers quickly find the items they need in one place.

Tomlinson’s Combination Cabinet Dispensers combine cups, conventional lids, domed lids, and straws into one area to eliminate clutter and optimize countertop space. These cabinets are customizable to fit retailers’ specific needs.

Tomlinson Industries Faucets Help Provide Safe Drinking Water in Puerto Rico

Tomlinson Industries’ HFSLT faucets accompany Kohler’s Clarity water filters to provide safe drinking water to students, families and communities in Puerto Rico.  Operation Agua has distributed almost 28,000 Kohler Clarity water filters with Tomlinson faucets to nearly every open school in Puerto Rico and to households and communities that are still without electricity and have limited access to potable water in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. With the help of Kohler’s Clarity water filters, Operation Agua provides reliable, safe drinking water to students and school staff members to help the people and public schools of Puerto Rico to recover following Hurricane Maria’s destruction.

Tomlinson Industries Announces Promotions

Tomlinson Industries is pleased to announce the following promotions, effective January 1, 2018:

Michael Meyer has been promoted to Vice President of Engineering. As Vice President of Engineering, Mike will oversee engineering functions, product development, Tomlinson’s maintenance departments, and technical coordination of Tomlinson’s manufacturing facilities.

Sheri Getchell has been promoted to Vice President of Human Resources and Administration. As Vice President of Human Resources and Administration, Sheri will oversee human resources, administrative, and accounting functions at Tomlinson Industries.

Jeff Labinski has been promoted to Engineering Manager. As Engineering Manager, Jeff will oversee the engineering department at Tomlinson Industries.

Karen Rundo has been promoted to Executive Assistant. As Executive Assistant, Karen will continue to support Tomlinson’s day-to-day functions across a variety of departments and will provide support to Tomlinson’s executive team.





NACS 2017

With the end of summer behind us, preparation for fall is well underway at Tomlinson Industries! The beckoning of fall means a number of things at Tomlinson, including the impending annual Association for Convenience and Fuel Retailing (NACS) show. This year’s show will take place October 17-20 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL, and Tomlinson will showcase its Modular and Foodservice product lines in booth 6344.

Large Lid organizer 2017Tomlinson Industries will be debuting the new countertop lid organizer at the 2017 NACS Show. Tomlinson’s countertop lid organizer consolidates lids, straws, and other beverage accessories into one display to help customers find the items they need at beverage stations. Small and large lid organizers are available to suit any countertop.


A NACS staple, Tomlinson’s self-adjusting Simpli-Flex 2000 cup dispensers utilize three Simpli-Flex gaskets to accommodate any size paper, plastic, or foam cup with a lip diameter of 2-1/4” to 4-5/8”. Tomlinson’s Simpl-Flex technology is utilized in a variety of other dispensers including portion cup dispensers, combination cup and accessory dispensers, multi-cup dispensers, and more.

Coke Grab N GoPair one of Tomlinson’s Simpli-Flex dispensers with a mounting stand and custom label for an instant point-of-purchase beverage display at checkouts! Brandable dispensers promote impulse beverage purchases and drive traffic to in-house cafes.

Minolta DSC

Stainless steel trash chutes from Tomlinson’s Modular line are perfect for convenience store fabricators or those simply looking to update existing trash chutes. Tomlinson’s trash chutes feature a one-piece, 22-gage T-304 stainless steel construction and have a highly polished lip flange to prevent unsightly waste buildup.

Looking to pilot a foodservice program or revamp an existing one? Tomlinson’s cooked-pizzaFusion pizza and snack ovens pair with our pizza and snack merchandisers for an instant food program. Fusion ovens support customization and small batch cooking to ensure fresh product, which can then be displayed in one of our merchandisers to grab customers’ attention.

For more information about Tomlinson Industries’ products for convenience stores, stop by booth #6344 at the 2017 NACS Show. To see the variety of products available, visit our website at

New Wooden Underliner from Tomlinson Industries

Tomlinson Industries introduces its new wooden underliner for its 10” x 7” oval serving skillets. The new underliners are made of cabinet-grade plywood, feature an improved 18 mm thickness and are stained and sealed on both top and bottom using a food safe sealer and lacquer.

Tomlinson underliners allow cast iron skillets, pans, and more to transition from kitchen to table for a sizzling presentation.  Wooden underliners are sold separately from cast iron pieces.

For more information about Tomlinson’s cast iron products and wooden underliners, please contact Tomlinson Industries, 13700 Broadway Ave, Cleveland, OH 44125. Phone: (216)587-3400, ext. 112. To see the variety of products available, visit our website at

New Underliner from Tomlinson Industries.jpg