Tomlinson Baking Sheets: The Secret Weapon for Your Fusion Oven

Since Tomlinson’s acquisition of the Fusion® equipment line in 2010, Fusion pizza and snack ovens have become synonymous with quality, consistency, and speed in the food prep process.  While we’re thrilled our customers have come to trust Fusion ovens in their foodservice operations, we often see that a simple addition to their oven can greatly expand its usage!

The secret weapon? Tomlinson’s baking sheets! Our 12” and 16” baking sheets are Oven with Cookies smalldesigned for use with our 507, 508, and 515 ovens to allow you to cook just about anything.  Each baking sheet is equipped with Whitford® Quantum® high performance non-stick coating which allows a quick, effortless release of baked foods.  The addition of a baking sheet allows operators to cook small and large items in a fraction of the time of conventional ovens.

Below are some perks of baking with the Tomlinson pizza ovens and baking sheets:

Small batch cooking: using a Tomlinson oven with a baking sheet is perfect for trying a new recipe or for baking multiple smaller batches to ensure all of your customers can enjoy the fresh-out-of-the-oven experience. The oven is also a fraction of the size of conventional ovens and uses significantly less energy to keep utility bills down!

Diversifies your menu: while the traditional rack on our pizza ovens is great for pizzas and other large items, it might not work the best for some smaller menu items.  Using a Tomlinson baking sheet instantly converts your pizza oven into a multiuse oven, allowing it to accommodate a wide variety of foods.

Pairs with cookware: baking sheets provide an ideal base for cookware like ramekins and even small muffin tins.  The stability provided by the flat, even surface perfectly supports various cooking pieces and helps disseminate heat evenly.

The Beginner’s Guide to Tomlinson’s Soup Kettles

For children and adults alike, August can be a bittersweet time of year. The impending school year for children and Labor Day weekend for adults signify the official end of carefree summer days spent soaking up the sun.  While it may seem eons away, the days will soon grow colder and shorter, the leaves will begin to fall, and consumers will abandon the fresh fruit of summer for warmer, more comforting fare like soups and other hot food items.

As we all squeeze our remaining summer bucket lists into the next few weeks, foodservice operators have one more crucial item to add to the agenda: inspecting and replacing equipment before autumn food trends are in full swing.  Although selecting the right soup cooking and/or holding equipment can be difficult, we’re hoping to make it a little easier this year by comparing the Tomlinson line of kettles in order to help our customers choose the equipment to best support their foodservice operation.

1. The Deluxe Frontier: for decades, Tomlinson’s Deluxe Frontier kettle has provenDeluxe its status as a foodservice powerhouse. With 1250-watt fast heat-up and a durable powder-coated shell, the Deluxe Frontier kettle cooks, heats, holds, and warms soups to offer unparalleled versatility. Choose from an 8- or 12- qt. (7.6- or 11.4 liter) stainless steel food insert to best accommodate your menu and a black, red, or brown kettle to match your décor. The Deluxe Frontier also features adjustable temperature control, an indicator light, product cards, and a hinged lid, is NSF-listed for rethermalization, and has a 2-year warranty.

2. The Glenray Premium: the Glenray Premium kettle is Tomlinson’s economy alternative to the Deluxe Frontier. This 800-watt ke800 watt Kettle Glenray Black_redttle has a 10.5 qt. (9.9 liter) stainless steel food insert with hinged lid, ladle, and product cards, is NSF-listed for rethermalization, and comes with a 1-year warranty. Available in a black powder-coated or stainless steel shell, the Glenray Premium cooks, heats, holds, and serves soups and other hot food specialties.

3. The Glenray: Tomlinson’s Glenray kettle is the 400-watt alternative to the Kettle Glenray Black Without Ladle OutlineGlenray Premium kettle. Like the Glenray Premium, the Glenray has a 10.5 (9.9 liter) stainless steel food insert, hinged lid, ladle, and product cards, and is available with a black powder-coated or stainless steel shell. This kettle is NSF-listed for rethermalization, is great for warming and holding soups, and comes with a 1-year warranty.

4. The Frontier II: similar to the Glenray kettle, the Frontier II kettleFrontier II is a soup warming and holding kettle that is NSF-listed for rethermalization. The Frontier II is available with an 8- or 12-qt. (7.6- or 11.4 liter) stainless steel food insert and features 650-watt fast heat-up and a 2-year warranty.  Like our other kettles, the Frontier II features adjustable temperature control and hinged lid, and ships with product cards.

5.The Dual Food Warmer: Tomlinson’s Dual Food Warmer features the same internal components that make our other kettles standout units butdual food warmer with double the capacity! The warmer has two 550-watt heating elements with individual temperature controls, hinged lids, transport collars, and 8- or 12-qt. (7.6- or 11.4 liter) stainless steel food inserts. It comes in a stainless steel finish, is perfect for warming and holding various hot food specialties, and has a 2-year warranty. The 8-qt. unit is NSF listed for rethermalization.

Tomlinson Promotes Michael Ritley to VP of Manufacturing

Tomlinson Industries is pleased to announce the promotion of Michael Ritley to Vice President of Manufacturing.  Ritley previously served as Tomlinson’s Director of Materials Management, and he will continue his materials management responsibilities in his new role. Additionally, he will be responsible for overseeing manufacturing operations at all of Tomlinson Industries’ Cleveland, OH facilities.

“Mike brings over four decades of experience with our company, and we look forward to optimizing Tomlinson’s manufacturing operations under his capable leadership,” Tomlinson president Michael Figas noted.


NRA Recap from Tomlinson


In the foodservice industry, the annual National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show in Chicago, IL signifies an invaluable opportunity for equipment manufacturers, culinary innovators, restaurant professionals, and food lovers to converge for 4 days of delicious food, trend spotting, and networking.

While the offering from booth-to-booth varied extensively, a few themes clearly emerged across this year’s show:

Grab-and-go: those familiar with trade shows know the importance of port513H bagels sandwichesability when it comes to food: an easily portable snack or beverage allows you to enjoy a quick bite to eat while exploring the show.  Grab-and-go options also cater to a class of consumers who are increasingly concerned with foods that can be consumed in the car, on a walk, or at the desk. Products like Tomlinson’s new 513H Countertop Humidified Merchandiser keep grab-n-go options fresh, hot, and delicious to catch your customers’ attention as a point-of-purchase display that maintains your foods’ appeal.

Customization: customization, even on a small scale, can have a big result. A number of vendors at this year’s show started with the classics (pasta, hot dogs, donuts, etc.) and allowed attendees to customize their selections with unique toppings, sauces, and more.  This scale of customization allows culinary innovators to greatly expand their offerings while satisfying their customer’s desire for a creative menu.  While your ingredients may change, versatile equipment like cast iron and cast aluminum allows you to accommodate a variety of ingredients, trends, and serving styles. Cast iron can withstand temperatures up to 1700°F, making it perfect for cooking and serving, while cast aluminum is perfect for serving foods piping hot or crispy cold.

Coffee: coffee and other caffeinated drinks are arguably the lifeblood of any tradeS Tomlinson show, and the NRA show is no exception. Luckily, coffee brewers were there to save the day with free cups of coffee for exhibitors and attendees alike.  While trends come and go, this industry staple has proven resilient, which is great news for brewers, coffee equipment manufacturers, and those craving that morning cup of joe.  It’s always great to see our S Tomlinson and SPB faucets on array of hot coffee, iced coffee, hot water, hot tea, and iced tea dispensers across the show!



Tomlinson Wraps Up 6-Week Step to IT! Challenge

From Monday, April 4th through Sunday, May 15th, 52 employees at Tomlinson Industries took part in the 6-week Step to IT! step challenge.  Each participant was given a pedometer to track their daily steps throughout the competition.  The winning team, comprised of Matt Hric, Bob Sacha, Cheryl Derryberry, and Jeff Howard, took a total of 3,088,551 steps and Matt Hric from Tomlinson’s Inspection department was the overall winner with 954,757 total steps. A total of 24,164,471 steps were taken by all participants from Week 1 to Week 6 of the challenge.

The goal of Tomlinson’s Step to IT! challenge was to promote physical activity, to improve the health and well-being of employees, and to help participants work their way to 10,000 steps (5 miles) per day.  Over the course of the challenge, 60% of participants averaged more than 10,000 daily steps, with 15% averaging more than 15,000 daily steps.

Great work, participants!

For more information, please contact Tomlinson Industries, 13700 Broadway Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44125.  Phone:  216-587-3400.  Fax:  216-587-0733.